Friday, August 19, 2011

This Blog Has Moved...

I decided to move this blog over to Tumblr. You can find new posts and some older posts from this blog over there. Check it out!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Canadian and Nautical Themed

This lovely couch with matching chair was sent to me by my friend Caprice in Vancouver, BC. It was spotted on Craiglist Toronto. The best part...both are FREE!

I can't see why...

What is the print? Western nautical with some ugly clocks thrown in for good measure?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I should call this blog "Most Hilarious Couches"

It looks like an ordinary couch, with a maroon slipcover, right?

But as soon as you take the cover off to wash it, the couch is nowhere to be seen!

This couch was put up on Craigslist for $55 on the island of Oahu. Thank you, Jonica, for finding this amazing invisible couch. Wonder Woman would be proud to own such a couch.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

If you didn't already know...Portland is great!

And here's why. Check out this photo:

#1. Hip, vintage and FREE couch
#2. Easy chair decorated to look like Domokun
#3. Sleepy man parks his shopping cart and takes a nap in Domokun's loving arms

Thanks, Andrea for capturing this great photo!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where to Begin?

This couch was sent to me by Karen G in Portland, Oregon. It looks really really bad and coupled with the torrential monsoons we've had the last week, I can only imagine how this couch smells. Water-logged a bit?

Karen says, "I found this outside a friend's apt. It's been there for over a week. No one wants it. All the other FREE stuff went fast. One can only imagine its back story due to the condition."

Another friend, Caitlin chimed in and says it's sitting outside of her best friend's apartment complex. Sounds like a lot of people have seen this interesting specimen!

What do you think happened to this couch? Was it involved in a sword fight with a pirate? Did a dog destroy it? Did a sweet little old grandma own it then one day SNAP and turn in to an alien creature who eats couches? Send me what YOU think happened to this couch and the best story wins! You'll win something, but I haven't decided yet.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spotted in Idaho!

My lovely friend Kim, spotted this great couch being transported down the mean streets of Idaho. I'd love to hear the story behind this floral wonder. Here's what Kim had to say:

"Ugly couch, driven by a crappy 2C driver, here in Idaho. I was driving when I took this. Risked my life for your ugly couch cause. ;)"

Thanks for risking your life to share this beauty with the world. You are a true Hideous Couch-Soldier!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vuh, vu uh, Vagina Couch?

I know this couch has been circulating on the Best of page for quite some time, it's simply too good to share.

It really does look like the most uncomfortable couch ever created, but I do love the pretty pink hues. The anatomical proportions are a little...skewed, but hey. This couch is ART!

Here's what the seller said (I'm sure it's already sold, so don't bother. Just admire!)

For Sale - beautiful pink "vagina couch" that I made in art school and no longer have space for. The couch is large: measures 5' 3" long, 3' 3" wide at the middle, and stands 2' 3" tall (and is heavy like a couch). The pics are from my portfolio and are several years old; as a result, the couch has some scuffmarks and stains around the bottom from being moved, but otherwise is in excellent shape. A professional upholsterer helped me build the couch, so it is also functional and durable as a piece of furniture. The couch must be picked up in Mendocino, a 3-hour drive north of SF. I am asking for $600 and a loving home!



Click here to see the original posting

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let me cuddle you in my cold, hard armrest

My good friend Tyler and his wife lives near Duluth Minnesota and are currently on the lookout for a fine specimen of a couch. Of course they found some gems that were too good to pass up. Sadly they can't buy them all, so here's a little taste of the cream of the crop from cowtown Minnesota.


For $125 you can enjoy this wooden Hide A Bed with a custom faux Native American print. Makes you just wanna snuggle up to that hard wooden arm rest, doesn't it?

Sleep tight, dear readers!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Hey kids! This fine piece of children's furniture for sale in Detroit would look great in ANY living room. Have out of town guests and worried about their bladder control? For $10, this couch is a bargain. The seller says this couch has a couple of "spots," but we all know that spots=FUN, isn't that right?


Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Howdy pardners! M.M. Garcia from Portland, Oregon was kind enough to send me these beauties, stored deep within the walls of the good ol' U S of A!

This "horn sofa" comes to us all the way from Fayetetville Alabama. The horns and cowhide are indeed real, but the seller would like you to know "just a little worn." You could stage your own rodeo on this specimen for just $500.


This log beauty comes to us from Fargo North Dakota and it can be yours for just $1,200. What a bargain! The fabric is a nice natural hunting scenario complete with bucks, bulls and doe and even comes with a complimentary toddler. Best part about this couch - the seller refers to it as "funrature." (I assume that means functional AND fun!) Who needs a futon when you can sit on your very own LOG CABIN!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers Bring Floral Couches

Palm trees are so drab, and tulips bloom only once per year. This beautiful floral number will make any Spring yard look like a million bucks!


Self-Made Cupholders

This lovely couch is up for FREE on Craigslist RIGHT NOW in Seattle's U-District. The owners of the couch would like you to know: "Can seat 2-3 people, has self-made cup holders..."

Well gee golly! That's some damn innovation right there.


This couch won't last long, I guarantee it!

If A Couch Could be a Muse...

This couch is for sale in GRESHAM, Oregon - a lovely place known for it's bouquet of toothless prostitutes and methemphetamines.

What a gorgeous specimen!